Getting back on track

Returning from a break

if you struggle to get back to normal after time out or away you’re not alone.

Female bare feet with weight scale

Change in our routine affects most of us and not always in a positive way so, if you struggle to get back to normal after time out or away, you’re not alone.

Sometimes we fall back into our old eating habits and then wonder why we did it. Worse, we beat ourselves up because it feels like a failure. There are all kinds of reasons why we give up on our healthy eating and lifestyle, it’s what we do about it next that makes the difference!

If you can’t get back into the right frame of mind get in touch, share a post on Facebook. Remember, when the going gets tough, we get tougher together!

Recognising where you’ve gone wrong or how you could have made better choices and taking the right steps to remedy it will make a huge difference to your attitude and you’ll be back on your positive track in no time!

Use this checklist to get back to normal and into a positive mood:

  • Reach out to the community on Facebook straight away
  • Accept what’s happened and move on
  • Follow your eating plan consistently for the whole week ahead
  • Keep a diary of food and your feelings

Set a short term goal to keep you focused and motivated, for example, I will:

  • follow my eating plan for the next two weeks
  • walk an extra 20 minutes a day
  • sort out my wardrobe and get rid of clothes that no longer fit
  • only wear clothes that make me feel great
  • catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while
  • be 5lbs lighter in four week’s time
  • sign up for an evening class
  • volunteer for some charity work

In no time, you'll find yourself back in control and back into a routine that supports your weightloss journey.

Any other tips? Share with the community on Facebook.