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Should we all start the day on an egg?

A good start to the day is something we all need, even better is one that starts with a simple, uncomplicated breakfast.

And a UK study of people on a weight loss programme reported a 61% greater reduction in BMI and 65% greater weight loss consuming a 2-egg breakfast, five days each week.

Versatile, cheap and nutritious

Eggs provide a good balance of quality protein and as well as a useful source of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin we’re often lacking, so a breakfast of eggs is a filling and sustaining way to start the day that needn’t take longer to prepare than toast or cereal. The dense protein in eggs will keep you fuller for longer so you’re less likely to feel hungry and reach for the snacks mid-morning.

Nutritional superfood

Eggs are an inexpensive source of high-quality protein, with more than half the protein found in the egg white, which also includes vitamin B2 and lower amounts of fat than the yolk. And there's more! A rich source of essential fatty acids and micro-nutrients, including selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper, eggs are rightly deserve the superfood label.

Serve with a small glass of fresh orange juice, rich in vitamin C, and your body has the best start to the day.

Above all, you’ll avoid any blood sugar roller coaster triggered when you skip breakfast.

Have a good start to your day and you'll soon find mid morning snacks a thing of the past.

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