Time for Planning

5 Tips to help you reach your goals through planning

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If you’re serious about reaching your goals, you need to not only set those goals the right way but make the time to achieve them.

To help you plan your days and weeks to help you achieve more, here are our 5 tips for reaching those goals.

Setting your goals

If you don’t take the time to set your goals, you won’t have the focus and you’ll fall off track quicker than you realise. Use the SMART way to set goals and pay attention to your reasons for wanting to achieve them. When you know deep down your reasons why - write them down. Writing them down makes them more real and will help you want to achieve them quicker

Plan your week

We all lead busy lives and just as if we don’t have goals, not planning your week is a sure-fire way of going down the wrong path. Take time to look at your week, how are you spending your time. What are you eating or doing? Write it down in a journal or record it on your smartphone. Now go through and see where you can fit in some me-time, plan and cook your meals, make sure you get enough exercise each week. Block off those times and try to avoid something else taking priority unless it’s urgent or an emergency.

Take frequent breaks and exercise.

Avoid burnout by taking frequent breaks. If it’s possible, take 10 minutes out for every hour you work. Get up, move about and stretch. Make sure you get enough exercise that will help increase your energy and stamina.

When we speak about exercise, we mean anything that gets your heart raised. From 3 brisk 10-minute walks per day to a 1 hour spin class - you choose something that you enjoy. Aim for 30 minutes per day for 5 days a week. Use your week planning to allow time for this.

Make a To-Do list for every day

In the evening before heading to bed, make a list for the next day. Think of your goals and see if you are getting closer to them. You might need to switch up some meals, drink more water, add an extra 10-minute walk. These daily goals will help you move towards your bigger goals.


There are very few things that give inspiration and motivation than seeing someone else achieve their goals. Follow some people who you know on social media that are smashing their goals. Take 10 minutes to read through some of our members' success stories.

But remember, don’t just watch and read, take action!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay