5 Ways to get more greens


When you're not used to eating your greens on a daily basis beginning your weight loss journey can be a huge struggle. Unfortunately for vegetable loathers out there getting your balance of fruits and vegetables is key to tipping the scales in your favour. So for those of you who turn your nose up at carrots or cringe at the thought of Brussel sprouts then we've got some tips on getting those all-important No Check / low Check vegetables.

Juice it

Get your greens in the form of a juice or smoothie, you'll be getting the same 5 a day fix without having to chow down on carrot sticks and celery. Just be mindful of those Checks!

Make it fancy

Add vegetables to some of your favourite dishes, chilli, macaroni, or even your favourite pasta dishes. Dont be afraid to get creative.

Challenge yourself

Go vegetarian for the week, finding alternatives to your regular menu will have you looking at vegetables like you never have before.

Crisp lovers delight

Now you can grab your favourite crisp varieties in much healthier ways, kale chips, sweet potato, zucchini you name it we bet your local supermarket has it!

Blitz it

Not a bitty fan? Invest in a blender and make pots and pots of No Check soup to see you through lunchtimes. Have it chilled, warm, with tortillas, bread the sky is the limit!

And if all else fails ask your partner to sneak vegetables into your food so you're none the wiser! You never know you may be surprised at just what you'll like!