reinventing snacks and treats

It's movie night...

here are our Check-light swaps.


You've got your movie choices lined up and you're thinking about snacks or tempting treats to keep you satisfied for the entire 2 hour film... have you ever thought about the calories in some of your favourite cinema treats?

It might just be a surprise to learn that a 100g bag of sweet and salt popcorn can set you back 526 calories... that's 21 Checks, add a large cola drink at 420 calories and you will consume 38 Checks... or almost a day's allowance.

Why not try some of our tasty swaps that don't compromise on the yumm factor, and promise to keep you satisfied throughout the entire film!

1. Swap cinema-style popcorn for home made popcorn: Natural popping kernels are easy to come by in the supermarket, they are cheap and take a couole of minutes in the mocrowave. At the end of cooking, toss the popped corn in some cinnamon or leave plain, for a tasty treat under 100 calories! And you'll save money , with each portion of popcorn now costing less than 50p per portion!!

2. Swap pick n mix for frozen grapes: everyone is tempted by tsupermarket pick n mix stands but did you know just 100g of sweets will cost you roughly 350 calories - 16 Checks! Swap the sweeties for frozen grapes. Might sound strange but when frozen, the grapes develop an almost ice cream/sorbet taste and texture making them a deliciously healthy, cooling treat.

3. Swap your commercially made potato crisps for vegetable crisps: Set your oven to a low heat and roast some sliced beetroot, kale and courgettes with the lightest spray of oil and some seasoning. These will turn crisp and can be eaten warm, dipped in a dressing or salsa of your choice.

4. Ditch the family-sized bags: we all do it, instead of the "sharing" bags take a small single bag. This way you are still having your treats, just portion controlled!

These swaps should help you cut down on your Check count AND the guilt that goes with it. Enjoy the film and share on social media, with a smug face emoji!