A Dream Come True

Before and after Kim Scott 01

Kim was encouraged by her mum, Sandra, to ditch the weight which had crept up on her after leaving school. ‘I was worried about Kim’s health more than anything. She was at risk of developing diabetes.'

‘Shopping with Kim was always a dread, she could never find anything in her size and anything she did find she was unhappy with,’ says Sandra.

The Weight Crept Up

‘I felt unhappy with the way I looked, and clothes just didn’t look nice on me’, said Kim. ‘Since starting work, my weight crept up and up. I didn’t do any exercise and my eating habits had gotten out of control.’

‘I had tried various fad diets which, I only stuck to for a few days, so my mum suggested Scottish Slimmers and I found the eating plan really fitted easy to follow,’ she said.

Kim’s weight loss journey began as simply a desire to get fitter and healthier, but little did she know her boyfriend, John, had something else in mind that would motivate her even further.

‘We were on a family holiday in America and took a trip to Las Vegas for a few days, John proposed to me on the Big Roller, which is a bit like the London Eye. We had the whole pod to ourselves and he popped the question when we were at the top,’ added Kim.

Wedding Dress Dreams

Kim has lost an incredible 4 stone 12lbs, and her motivation throughout her journey with Scottish Slimmers was to wear the wedding dress of her dreams in a size 10 and when she reached her target weight, Kim’s dreams became a reality.

‘I was a size 18 and knew that if I didn’t lose weight I would always regret the way I looked on my wedding day. Fitting into a size 10 is a dream come true!’

No Longer So Out Of Breath

‘I’m more confident in myself and life is better,’ she says. Bad eating habits are a thing of the past for Kim, who has learned about better food choices while still enjoying a treat now and again. ‘I’ve become much more active since losing weight and go out for regular walks and exercise. I feel a lot healthier as I don’t feel so out so breath when exercising or climbing up the stairs anymore’.

Mum Sandra tells us that she is so proud of Kim for what she has achieved and says she is like a brand new person and shopping is now a much more pleasant experience!

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