It's NO secret,

The eating plans work!

Something just clicked with Scottish Slimmers

Lynette Mc Lean 3

For most couples, their wedding pictures are memories to look back on for the rest of their lives.

For Lynette and Craig McLean from Muirkirk, these photos are a reminder of what they used to look like - before an incredible weight loss of 10-stone between them with an eating plan that fitted in with their daily lives.

'After getting the wedding pictures back from the photographer, I decided it was time to lose weight,' says mum of 3 Lynette. 'Craig and I tried various diets and slimming clubs which all started well enough but we inevitably gave up and I ended up heavier than when we started.'

'We finally decided to give it another go and joined Scottish Slimmers. We had booked a family holiday to Majorca so my aim was to try and lose weight for our holiday.'

Lynette admits in previous holidays she would wear Craig's shorts to cover up over her swimsuit because she felt so self conscious and uncomfortable.

Not any more though. By the time the holiday came around, Lynette had lost 4 and a half stone and was well on her way to being the weight she always dreamt of.

'Whilst I wasn't at my Target weight, I felt comfortable enough to enjoy the pools and water parks with our children without feeling self-conscious and miserable.

Coming back from her holiday, Lynette went on to lose even more weight, slimming down from a size 18 to a size 10 and reaching her ultimate Target weight- 7 stone 6.5 lbs lighter! Amazing results.

'Something just clicked with Scottish Slimmers and Craig and I have found it relatively easy to follow. It's realistic, it fits our daily life and with three children and us both working full time, you need that in a weight loss plan,' says Lynette. 'It also helps that Craig is following the plan alongside me. It's a joint effort and he lost over 4 stone.

'People ask if we have a secret to our weight loss, we say there's NO secret, just follow the Scottish Slimmers eating plan - it works, we have the evidence to show!

Now the McLean's, instead of sitting in front of the TV at night, take long walks together as a family with their dog, Blue.

'Before losing weight I never felt as though I had any energy to play with the children. Now, we really enjoy doing things as a family and I also take them swimming every week as part of my new fitness regime,' beamed Lynette, justifiably proud of achieving her goals.