All for the kilt

From Gordon Highlanders to couch potato... and back!

Alan Carter BA

Looking at Alan today you would think he was a new man. Happier and healthier, he is unrecognisable to friends and family. Joining Scottish Slimmers weighing 21 stone, Alan had determination and a goal to lose weight and fit into his Gordon Highlanders Kilt.

Alan’s real journey began when his son gave him a Gordon Highlanders kilt in a size 36. ‘I organised the VC Parade for the Gordon Highlanders and I now had the determination and motivation that I needed to lose weight to fit into the size 36 kilt,’ explains Alan.

Since retiring from the army, Alan allowed himself the rest that he truly deserved. He admits that his lifestyle went from very active to couch potato in a matter of months. Enjoying chilled evenings, snacking became a habit and a part of the daily routine for Alan. ‘At lunchtime I would tend to go along to the burger van as it was quick and easy,’ admits Alan. Before long, his family noticed the pounds piling on.

‘It was the discipline of Scottish Slimmers that kept me on track. I had a goal that I knew I needed to achieve and it was the support of my friends and family, specifically my wife, that kept me going and motivated,’ says Alan.

‘With the help of Scottish Slimmers I learned about portion sizes. This was something that I didn’t pay attention to before. I would pile food on the plate. Now I know the correct amount of food that I should be eating that will fuel my body for my daily activities.’

Alan and his wife have gone from eating ready meals and convenience food to making tasty meals from scratch every day. ‘I’ve replaced sweets and crisps with fruit and vegetables,’ says Alan.

Snacking into the evening is a thing of the past for Alan, who has reignited his active lifestyle. Alan has gone from a self-confessed couch potato to lifting weights 4 nights a week and is now a keen runner! ‘I’m healthier, happier and back to my active lifestyle. Friends haven’t recognised me when passing me in the street, they say the difference is amazing!’

With a new found love of keeping fit, Alan signed up for a 54 miles hike through the Cairngorm Mountains in 24 hours to raise funds for soldiers, veterans and their families. If this wasn’t enough Alan has also committed to taking part in a half marathon.


'I didn’t realise how big I was,' says Jessica, 24, from Peterhead. After seeing a photograph of herself, Jessica knew enough was enough and decided to take control of her body and her life.

At her heaviest, Jessica says her friends and family members worried about the effect her weight could have on her future and her health. ‘My parents kept telling me I needed to lose weight, and they were worried I would become ill or end up with diabetes,’ says Jessica.

‘I knew they were right but at the time I didn’t want to believe it and I wasn’t ready to face it.’

Jessica says she got to a stage where she was too embarrassed to go out with her friends. ‘I had zero confidence and when my friends went out, I would sit in my room on social media, as back then that’s where I felt most comfortable.’

Shopping for clothes was a tedious and upsetting task for Jessica before losing weight. ‘Finding nice clothes that fit me was hard. I used to go into popular high street stores with my friends and I felt as if people were judging me and saying, ‘why are you even in this shop, you are too big!’

Before Scottish Slimmers, Jessica wore dress size 22.

It was a combination of all these factors that made Jessica decide to join Scottish Slimmers, where she discovered she weighed in at more than 19 stone.

With Scottish Slimmers, Jessica discovered her weight loss stride and lost over 4 and a half stone. ‘I’m so proud to have stuck at it, without Scottihs Slimmers guiding me in the right direction, I probably would have given up.

‘I love being able to walk into a normal shop and fit into clothing off the rack with ease,’ says Jessica.

Jessica is continuing her journey with Scottish Slimmers to reach her Target. ‘I’ve still got a bit to go but I am extremely happy with the results so far.’

Jessica’s health has noticeably improved since joining Scottish Slimmers and her local gym. ‘I don’t huff and puff when walking up the stairs now,’ she explains. With her new confidence, Jessica attends her local gym four to five times a week, taking part in high intensity spin and fat-burn classes, admitting, ‘I couldn’t live without going to the gym now’.

‘My mum, Catriona, is my biggest inspiration in life and has helped me through my journey with Scottish Slimmers’. Catriona, a previous member of Scottish Slimmers, lost an incredible 3 stone 2 lbs. ‘Mum has helped me greatly with my weight loss so far; encouraging me and helping me prepare healthy meals.

‘I’m 100% happier with my body and myself,’ explains Jessica who is enjoying feeling better every week. We can’t wait to see your next transformation Jessica!

Together, Jessica and Alan have so far lost a total of 8 stone 10lbs… a fantastic achievement!