Haribo sweets were my downfall

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As a mum of two young sons it’s not surprising sweets were Louise Roxbrough’s downfall.

‘When you’ve got two youngsters in the house it’s hard not to avoid sweets,’ says single mum Louise from Arbroath.

‘I’ve had to retrain my brain, and change my shopping habits, and I definitely think more about what I eat now. I try not to buy Haribo anymore and if the kids get given them I ration them

Over 2 stone lighter since she joined Scottish Slimmers last August Louise’s rationing seems to be working!‘I didn’t actually realise how much weight I’d put on until I went to visit my Aunt Andrea. I hadn’t seen her for a while and I asked her if she thought I’d put on weight. She said yes which really wasn’t the answer I was looking for!’ laughs Louise now, ‘but she did me a favour because it made me sit up and take notice.

’Looking back Louise realises she was always self-conscious about her weight from a young age.‘I’ve tried lots of different diets but never seemed to have the will power to stick to them and then as an excuse I’d say I don’t care anyway. Of course I cared.

’With her dad already a lifetime member at Scottish Slimmers Louise decided to give the classes a go – and joined in August 2015.

‘At first I thought I might not be able to do it but now, 7months later and over 2 stone lighter I couldn't be happier. Huge thanks goes to my class manager Carole Ramsay who supported me every step of the way and gave me a kick up the backside when I needed it most and for that I'm forever grateful!’Before joining Scottish Slimmers and losing her weight, Louise never felt confident enough to take her 2 young boys, 5-year-old Kai and Aaron (2) swimming.

‘My eldest son loves the water but I just never had the confidence to take him swimming. Now I’ve lost weight we swim all the time, in fact on his 5th birthday we went swimming as a family and it was the best feeling ever!

Though it isn’t just her boys who are reaping the benefits of Louise’s confidence and active lifestyle……

‘I’m a lot happier with my body, I feel so much more confident, life is good.’