I could barely run a bath!

Joining a bootcamp

was just the start

Emily Ford

Looking now at the slim and svelte Emily Ford, a nurse in Dalkeith, you’d never think she once was over 2 stone heavier.

‘It all started when a friend told me she was going to an outdoor boot camp and asked me if I wanted to go.

'My first reaction was definitely not! I can hardly run a bath never mind do an hours boot camp,’ laughs Emily.

‘Though she convinced me to come along and at the end of it I was so puffed out! I never realised just how unfit I was and it was then I knew something had to change.’

‘That weekend I joined Scottish Slimmers and I have been hooked ever since. Since losing weight I have become so much more active and I have so much more energy!'

Eating healthier not only helped her energy levels but her skin condition as well.

‘Since puberty I have suffered from a facial skin condition called rosacea, which makes my skin red, sore and very dry,' says Emily.

'However since losing weight my skin has cleared up dramatically which fills me with confidence.’

Since losing weight shopping has gotten easier as well. ‘Now I can go into my favourite shops and buy things off the rail and know they will fit because I am now the size I am supposed to be!

'It’s an amazing feeling when all the hard work starts to pay off and people start to notice and comment on how good you look.

Suffice to say Scottish Slimmers helped not only change Emily’s weight but her life.

Thanks to her commitment and the support she received, Emily emerged as a renewed version of herself – confident, healthy, and overflowing with a zest for life... and you can too!