I Wanted To Be Invisible

Katy is lighter and much more like her old self.

Success story Katy

Standing in front of the camera for a photoshoot Katy Kane can’t believe it!

‘I dreaded big occasions before I lost weight, especially knowing pictures might be taken,’ says Katy who lost more than 6 stone.

‘Now I am so much more confident and willing to try new things.' And her Scottish Slimmers photo shoot was just one of them!

‘When you are overweight you want to be invisible. I think you lose a bit of yourself as you get bigger, the colours fall out of your clothes, you start wearing drab clothes, you hide at the back of everything. I even found it harder to hold a conversation, to be myself basically.’

The turning point came for Katy when she and her husband Robert moved house. ‘We had been living in Edinburgh and decided to move out of town. I felt really unfit and I knew I needed a change. I’d been unwell with endometriosis and had a cyst removed. I was also then diagnosed with an under active thyroid,’ explains Katy.

‘Looking back it definitely took me a couple of years to feel like myself again but the pounds were beginning to creep on.'

‘I realised I was only in my 30’s and if I didn’t watch out my weight would be out of control, especially having an under active thyroid. I realised I had to do something about it while it was still manageable although I was unsure how long it would take for me to get back to a healthy weight'

'It happened surprisingly quickly for me and I have been pleasantly surprised. It’s easy to lose a couple of pounds yourself but to seriously lose weight I think you need the support and discipline of a plan, I know I do,’ continues Katy.'

After her house move Katy adopted Scottish Slimmers' eating plans and, 6 stone lighter, Katy joined the gym and admits she feels much more like her old self.