I wasn't comfortable in my own skin

But after losing almost 5 stone, I couldn't feel better!

Before and after Jamie Graham 01

Jamie Graham admits it’s taken her a while – but she is undoubtedly winning at weight loss battle with Scottish Slimmers.

Now almost 5 stone lighter, she couldn’t feel better. ‘I was a bridesmaid for my wee sister Jackie and I felt great’ says 30-year-old Jamie, ‘it was amazing hearing all the lovely comments guests were saying to me. I’ve never been good at accepting compliments before but I am beginning to learn!’

Jamie’s weight first began to creep on when she was living in Australia.

‘I went out to Australia to work as a nanny in Melbourne. I shared a flat with two others but we all cooked for ourselves and my portion sizes were enough for two people,’ Jamie laughs now, ‘added to that one of the girls was a great baker so there were cakes with everything!’

After working for 18 months Jamie went on a final road trip to Tasmania before heading home.

I Ended Up Crying

‘That was the final straw when it came to my weight,’ she admits, ‘I lived on fast food, takeaways, snacks, crisps, and chocolate and as the weight piled on I wore stretchy clothes to hide the fact that I was getting bigger.’

Arriving back in Scotland – in time for her birthday – Jamie went shopping for a dress to wear for her birthday and welcome home celebrations – and ended up standing crying in a high street shop’s changing room as nothing fitted.

‘I felt horrible and so miserable with myself'. By the end of the year and having been back at home for over 6 months, I realised I needed to do something about my weight gain.

Despite her determination, Jamie admits she had start-stop moments in her journey but then became so much more focused with her sister Jackie's wedding coming up in the summer.

Looking Back

‘When I look back at my old pictures it’s crazy to think that it is actually me and it reminds me how hard I have worked to reach where I am now.’

To keep motivated Jamie has jars in her kitchen – one which is fast emptying as she transfers a pound from one jar to the other when the scales go down.

‘It’s been great seeing one jar emptying and the other filling up – it’s a visual signal that reminds me how far I have come. Now I am so much happier and don’t always hide behind the camera as much I used to!

My Advice To Others?

‘My advice to others on this journey is to stay positive, strong and happy. Look back and be true to yourself and ask – ‘does being overweight stand in the way of you enjoying life?’

‘My weight never stopped me going out, I always put a smile on my face but deep down I never felt comfortable in my own skin.’