I was a yoyo dieter

Mel's success story

Success story Mel Semple

Mel Semple spent her life being a yo-yo dieter. That changed with Scottish Slimmers.

‘Since my 20’s I’ve been anything from a size 8 to a size 14,’ said mum of two Mel Semple. ‘I’d put on a stone and then lose it and so it went on but when I hit my 40’s I found it harder to shift the weight and I went up to a size 20 in clothes.’

However it wasn’t until she saw holiday pictures of herself that she decided to change her diet and do something about her expanding waistline.

‘I had started my own cleaning company around that time and my dad died. So the last person I was thinking about was me. My diet went to pot.

Mel realized that it was time to take control of her health and make some positive changes. She started by cutting out processed foods and sugary snacks, and instead focused on eating whole, nutritious meals.

Over time, Mel began to see significant changes in her body and her overall health. She lost weight, gained energy, and felt more confident and happy in her own skin. And while there were certainly challenges along the way, Mel never gave up on her goals.

'I was grabbing a bacon roll for breakfast, chips and fried food for lunch and chocolate and cakes in between. No wonder the pounds piled on,’ says Mel. 'And with cleaning a physical job I just felt unhealthy all the time.'

‘Although it wasn’t just for health reasons that I lost weight. I wanted to do something for me. I wanted to feel good about myself again.’

After reaching her Target, Mel went straight out and bought her first pair of skinny jeans! ‘I love buying clothes now and I’ve thrown away all the baggy tops and trousers I hid under when I was a size 20.

'It’s great to wear tight-fitting jeans and dresses and sometimes I see my husband Chris giving me a double-take now!’ Mel says.

Today, Mel is proud of the progress she’s made and her journey serves as an inspiration to others who may be struggling with their own weight or health issues, showing that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

Mel is proof that no one has to be stuck on a dieting yoyo ... healthier habits and healthier eating got her to Target, and will keep her there. And Scottish Slimmers' plans will work for you too!