Even my skin has improved!

Fiona was not short of motivation to start her journey

Before and after Fiona Mc Kay 01

‘Since leaving school I slowly started to gain weight. I tried to ignore it for a long time, convincing myself it didn’t matter, or perhaps wasn’t as bad as I thought, in truth though it has always really upset me,’ says Fiona from North Ayrshire.

It wasn’t until a trip to New Zealand that Fiona realised her weight was getting in the way of her enjoying life. ‘I was disheartened to find that to do a skydive in New Zealand I had to be under 100kg,’ at the time Fiona couldn't take part.

‘Over the last few years in life I have overcome a lot,’ says Fiona, ‘I decided my weight was to be my next challenge’


With her graduation ball, a big wedding and a trip to Australia looming, Fiona was not short of motivation to start her journey, but it took a very special person to give her that confidence boost to join class.

‘It was actually my Gran who encouraged me to join Scottish Slimmers, and after I did, I haven’t looked back,’

Fiona joined Scottish Slimmers and soon fell into a routine of healthier eating, living and exercising.

‘Since joining, I have learned so much about my body and food, there's been a few bumps along the way but I knew that the eating plan worked for me’

The Best Thing I could Have Done

Fiona says it hasn’t just been her weight and appearance she has noticed a difference in, ‘My sleep patter is better, I’m more active and even my skin condition has improved,’

‘Joining Scottish Slimmers was the best thing I could have done, it has given me a plan that has been easy to follow, and the support I have received has been invaluable,’ says Fiona.

Since losing 4 stone Fiona now has the confidence to do anything she wants in life, whether that’s completing a skydive, wearing anything she chooses or to go live and work in Australia – which is exactly what she is planning to do!

‘I know I have a way to go but I’m excited to take my Scottish Slimmers plan across the pond to Australia and continue my journey down under,’ beams Fiona.