Louise has a new outlook on life!

Thanks to Scottish Slimmers Louise turned her life around.

Louise lennox

“Scottish Slimmers has made me the woman I am today!”

Louise Lennox was left with another health battle after she recovered from an operation. She had more than seven stone to lose!

Deciding to join Scottish Slimmers was, in her words, the hardest, but the best, thing she’s ever done said the slim, confident and healthy woman we met.

“Two and a half years ago, I had to have an operation which resulted in me being off work for a couple of months. During this time, my weight ballooned to over eighteen and a half stone and I became very unhappy about how I looked.

"However, I didn’t know what to do about my weight so I tried desperately to pretend I wasn’t too bothered about going from a size 16 to a size 24 in a matter of months.”

Louise’s family and friends were very worried about her sudden weight gain, especially as it was affecting her health. One day her dad suggested she joined Scottish Slimmers.

“I knew my dad was right to be worried about me. I was breathless, I was so tired after a day at work. My skin was a terrible colour, my blood pressure was too high and I seemed to be at the doctor’s at least once a month.”

Louise admits the hardest part was deciding she had to do something about her weight and join Scottish Slimmers.

The first week, Louise lost a motivation-boosting half stone and, from then on, she lost about a pound a week.

“My dad was right. By going to Scottish Slimmers, I found all the encouragement, information and advice I needed to successfully lose weight.

"And the eating plan helped me to change my eating habits forever. Out went chocolate and crisps – in came lots of vegetables and fruit!”

Just eighteen months later, Louise reached her Target Weight 11 stone, 7lb.

“That was the most wonderful day of my life – apart from my wedding day, of course!”

Louise reckons that losing weight has transformed her into a new person. “I’ve got so much more confidence, I’m a lot happier – and I’m much, much healthier,” she says.

“I’ve got a lot more energy, I’m no longer breathless, my skin’s great, my blood pressure’s fine – And my dad is no longer worried about me!"

After losing weight Louise gained a lot more confidence and even got a work promotion.

“Joining Scottish Slimmers is the best thing I’ve ever done,” she continues. “As well as improving my health – and definitely impressing my husband with my new look – thanks to Scottish Slimmers, I’ve also been promoted and I now have a job I love."

"I would never have had the confidence to apply for promotion before I lost weight so thank you, Scottish Slimmers. Thank you for everything!”