My holiday snap shock!

Tackling eating habits was just the start

Andrea Lang portrait

A winter holiday to Gran Canaria was the wake up call Andrea Lang needed to lose weight.

'When I saw our holiday photos, I was really shocked and decided enough was enough,' says mum of three Andrea.

The following week Andrea joined Scottish Slimmers and within the first month, she had lost a stone.

'I've tried lots of different diets in the past and never got anywhere,' admits Andrea, who works with her husband Craig in their own business, 'but this time my head had been in the game!'

Now over 2 stone lighter Andrea feels so much healthier and more active.

'I'm on my feet all day at work and even walking around I was beginning to feel aches and pains in my joints or when I was getting out of a chair or walking upstairs. That's all gone now.

'And best of all is I'm getting into a size 14 in clothes- I haven't done that for many years!' laughs Andrea. 'Looking back I feel there's been things I didn't do with my kids because I didn't want to embarrass them that they had a fat mum. Now I walk far more, I play badminton and generally enjoy life.'

Andrea's healthier lifestyle led to increased energy, vitality, and confidence through weight loss and healthier habits Experimenting with nutritious recipes, challenging physical activities, and a positive outlook on personal growth.

'What Scottish Slimmers has made me realise that it's not a diet, it's all about healthy eating. If you stick to the eating plan you will lose weight. If you cheat, it's only yourself you're cheating on!'