Not just a new person, but a whole person lighter!

Joining Scottish Slimmers and getting active was the best decision ever

Before and after Steven Duncan 01

47-year-old couch potato turned keen hill walker Steven Duncan from Stonehaven is not just a whole new man since losing over 12 stone with Scottish Slimmers, he’s a whole man lighter!

At high risk of a heart attack, stroke and diabetes due to his weight, Steven realised that he needed to do something to improve his health. ‘I always felt conscious about my weight, but I just kept putting off doing anything about it,’

Time for a change

As a truck driver with unsociable hours, Steven found eating healthily and regularly quite difficult, grabbing convenience foods and takeaways on the go each day.

Weighing over 26 stone, Steven says that his weight prevented him from living life as he knew he should, ‘I couldn’t find clothes to fit and I could only really shop online as no local stores carried my size,’

‘My knees were taking a pounding when I walked my dog and I was always left breathing very heavily and sweat would be pouring out of me by the bucket load,’ says Steven.

Lacking confidence and restricted to staying inside and shopping online, Steven confesses ‘when I was overweight I just sat about feeling sorry for myself watching TV and eating all the wrong food’.

It was time for a drastic change. It was time for Scottish Slimmers.

Steven’s decision to join Scottish Slimmers in Stonehaven, was the best he’s ever made, now 12 stone 2 ½ lbs Steven is not just a whole new man but he’s a whole man lighter! ‘In my first week I lost 11lbs, so I knew I was heading in the right direction!’

Best Decision Ever

Since joining class, Steven feels like a whole new man and has even felt fit and healthy enough to incorporate activity into his lifestyle

Steven started out with an activity goal of reaching 10,000 steps a day and built up from there. ’10,000 steps are roughly 5 miles, well I can now do double that at a weekend before breakfast’ says Steven. Suffice to say that the days of achy joints while walking the dog are long gone!

Steven took up hill walking to keep himself active. Impressively, Steven has walked 30 Scottish Munros. Instead of celebrating New Year’s Day with a hangover like most of the world. Steven went and bagged himself another Munro! ‘My goal is to climb all 282 munros in Scotland, just 252 to go!’

‘I’m happier in myself being slimmer, fitter and leaner, though I will say it has cost me a fortune in new clothes’, says Steven.

Stevens tells us ‘If I could put my Scottish Slimmers experience into words it would be, best decision ever!’

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