Nothing is stopping me now

Looking at 25-year-old Lucy Bryant today, you would never think that this slim and fabulous woman ever had a weight problem.

23 05 18 SS 1

Looking at 25-year-old Lucy Bryant today, you would never think that this slim and fabulous woman ever had a weight problem.

But it was not so very long ago that Lucy found herself in her early 20s, weighing over 17 stone and feeling miserable about her size.

Growing up was not easy for Lucy, as she recalls being bullied for her weight. 'People would call me names and I was aware I didn't look like my friends or children of the same age.'

'Since I can remember, I have been overweight,' says Lucy. 'I recall being 10 or 11 years old and I was already wearing adult size 12 clothes. My parents struggled to find age-appropriate clothing that would fit.'

Lucy says she struggled more with her weight when she began working as a care assistant and meeting her partner, Jason, in her late teens.

'My weight ballooned, mainly due to being happy and eating for recreation. I would eat large takeaways or meal deals and snack on family-sized bars of chocolate or crisps, that was the norm!'

Life was very different for Lucy before Scottish Slimmers. 'I never realised how much my weight was affecting my life,' says Lucy.

'I loved going out with my friends, eating and drinking most weekends. However, as my weight continued to creep up, I noticed my clothes didn't fit well anymore, and people would make horrible remarks when I was in town.

'I tried my best to shrug it off, but the comments still hurt and it made me feel anxious anytime I would go for a night out.

'My family were also concerned about my health and had been asking me to lose weight for years, but it never felt like the right time.'

It took something far more shocking for Lucy to make the decision to change her life.

'I had a fear of one day being pregnant and people mistaking my bump for excess weight.

'I have been asked many times before, 'how far on are you?' I had never felt so self-conscious. I recognised a change needed to be made,' and that change came in the form of Scottish Slimmers.

Lucy still remembers her first weigh-in being a very emotional experience, 'I was so naïve, I thought I was maybe 14 stone at the time, so it was a massive shock when I realised I was over 17 stone. It scared me and I knew I needed to stick in, I remember crying when I got off the scales.'

Though saddened and disappointed by the scales on that first week, Lucy says her weight loss journey and every change she has made to her lifestyle has been worth it.

'It's clear that persistence and a willingness to make changes and try new things was exactly what my body needed.'

Lucy found documenting her weight loss journey via social media platforms like Instagram helped spur her on week on week.

'Sharing progress pictures and documenting my meals was a great way to keep me motivated, particularly if I am having a difficult week. Looking back at how far I have already come is just the boost I need.'

Since joining Scottish Slimmers, Lucy has lost 6 stone 6.5lbs. She never realised how much her weight was holding her back.

'I'm so happy now. My body doesn't ache when I walk, I take a proactive approach to life and I feel much more positive about the future.'

'If I were to give advice to anyone who wants to change their lives it would be to do it now and remember it's not a diet, just healthy choices!'