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Positively Perfect Parents

Losing weight with Scottish Slimmers gave Paul and Louise all the energy they need and couldn't be happier.

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Doting parents Paul and Louise Robinson found the strain of working full-time and looking after their young daughter was compromising their own eating habits.

After seeking support from Scottish Slimmers they are now eight stone lighter as a couple – and have eight times more energy!

Paul and Louise Robinson had a very good reason to lose weight – their little girl, Kayleigh. The doting parents found the strain of working full-time and looking after their young daughter was compromising their own eating habits.

“When Kayleigh was about a year and a half old, we realised just how much extra energy we were going to need to play with our daughter,” says Paul. He admits that as they were both overweight, they seemed to spend any free time fighting off feelings of total exhaustion.

Louise reveals that, only a few years earlier, she had already lost six stone. "When I reached a size 24, I decided enough was enough and joined Scottish Slimmers."

After her pregnancy her weight started to creep back on. Says Louise, “I didn’t really think about my weight too much when Kayleigh was tiny but when she was a couple of months old I went back to Scottish Slimmers.”

“And, as I continued to lose weight, I felt increasingly happier about myself – and I even began scoring more goals when I played five-a-side football on a Saturday!”

“We were both determined Kayleigh would soon have a slim mum and dad." From then on, almost every week, Kayleigh’s mum and dad became just that little bit slimmer.

During their weight-loss journey Louise and Paul gave each other lots of encouragement. “We were both kept motivated by our steady weight losses,” says Paul, who reveals that he was amazed by how quickly his energy levels began to rise.

Paul got down to 13 stone, 12lbs – a weight loss of exactly four stone. While Louise followed suit and reached her Target Weight after losing 1 stone.

“Louise looks stunning,” says Paul. “Totally amazing!"

“And Paul looks great too,” says Louise. “He looks just like the Paul I fell in love with all those years ago.”

“The three of us have such fantastic fun now!” Louise exclaims. “Apart from getting married and having Kayleigh, losing weight is the best thing we’ve ever done!”

“I fully expected Scottish Slimmers to make a difference to my weight loss and I was delighted by how quickly my weight dropped." said Louise.