Running on Success

Rebecca is miles away from the person she used to be!

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Going through photographs of herself and partner, Blair, at the wedding made Rebecca’s heart sink. ‘I wasn’t happy with how I looked in the picture, I was heavy,’

Rebecca says. She did not recognise the person she had become and decided that, with many more weddings and special occasions on the horizon, she didn’t want to look or feel that way again.

‘My best friend was getting married in April. The hen party was in February and I didn’t want to feel self-conscious around the other girls who were coming,’ says Rebecca. Rebecca joined her local Scottish Slimmers class and took the first step towards reaching her target.

Small Manageable Goals Is The Secret

Rebecca says her secret was setting smaller more manageable goals in reaching her ultimate target, such as aiming to lose 1lb one week or being active twice one week.

‘At first, I didn’t want my fitness focused partner, Blair, to know I was attending a weight loss class as he has been sceptical about them in the past. But when he noticed the difference in me, and realised how much change it had inspired, he became one of my biggest supporters!’ says Rebecca.

Despite at first not being a fan of slimming classes, Blair is a self-confessed convert after seeing what a difference attending made for Rebecca, ‘I am extremely proud of her achievements, she is happier as a result of being healthier and that can only be a good thing,’ says Blair.

It's A Lifestyle Change

Rebecca says that since joining class her outlook on life has changed and she realises that healthy choices aren’t fads only built to last a week, they’re a series of lifestyle choices. Having lost 2 stone 11lbs, Rebecca says she feels fitter than ever.

Rebecca’s feel good moment was taking the dress she wore to her family member’s wedding to the tailor and having the top altered from a size 14 to a size 8.

Having enjoyed running for fitness before, Rebecca decided to take up some challenges along the way to aid her weight loss. ‘I started with the Race for Life 5K runs and built from there,’ says Rebecca, ‘I chose it as my first race as my uncle had passed away from throat cancer a year previously and my mum had also been diagnosed with a low grade cancerous tumour. In the end I raised over £500 for Cancer Research.’

I'm Now Free & Fit

Since losing weight Rebecca says she has felt free and fit enough to take on several challenges, from 5 and 10K races to a 66-mile cycle in Loch Ness. In total Rebecca took part in 10 races between 2017 and 2018 and is due to tackle even more!

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