Share my weight loss journey!

More than a number.

Female bare feet with weight scale

Hannah Ker admits her weight loss really has been a ‘journey.‘

Scottish Slimmers has taught me a lot about creating balance and portion control. You can still have that bar of chocolate or a glass of wine, it is all about balance,’ says Hannah who lost more than 4 stone.

‘I’ve always had a difficult relationship with food,’ admits this HR development officer who now lives in Orkney. ‘When I was happy I’d eat; when I was sad I’d eat. At school I was always very aware that I was the biggest out of my friends but it wasn’t until I went to university that I realised how big I actually was.‘

It was after first year that I decided I needed to do something after some hurtful comments I overheard so I joined Scottish Slimmers – and a gym – the next day!'

‘The compliments kept coming and really motivated me to keep going but sometimes life just gets in the way, I was in a new relationship, and all girls will know sometimes you just get too comfortable.'

Re-joining Scottish Slimmers for the second time, Hannah lost more than 4 stone, has become active – and also an Instagram inspiration. ‘I decided to create my own Instagram account for my weight loss journey,’ she explains. ‘I had been – and still do – follow so many others who had inspired me so I wanted to show my own journey as well.‘

Hannah now realises that losing weight is a lot more than a number on the scales. 'I always felt I had to get to a certain weight and then I would be happy within myself but I couldn’t be more wrong.'

'By eating healthily and exercising regularly I have felt so much happier in myself. I suffer from bad anxiety at times and I have found exercise to be the best form of anti-depressant possible,’ says Hannah.

'I never thought I would see the day where I could enjoy exercise but now I attend regular circuit and high intensity classes at my local gym and have recently joined a netball team!’

Moving to Orkney was another step in Hannah’s weight loss journey. ‘I got a one year contract to work for a charity on the island after university,’ explains Hannah. ‘I’m still here! I love it.’

Hannah followed in her older sister Lesley’s footsteps. Lesley lost over 7 stone with Scottish Slimmers and, says Hannah, ‘She has, and always will be, 100% my inspiration.’