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Success Stories

Anne Marie Duffie, Zumba Magic!
Mum of 3 Anne Marie Duffie admits she has tried every diet under the sun.

‘I realise now I was kidding myself on. I’d lose a bit, think I looked okay and then slowly go back to my old ways and put the weight back on again,’ says Anne Marie from Falkirk.
3 stone 5lbs lighter!
Rue Smith, I got my pre baby body back by using the Scottish Slimmers App!
Rue Smith from Glasgow understands how difficult losing weight and balancing life can be - especially when you've got a new baby.

Luckily Rue found something that works for her, the Scottish Slimmers App and managed to work weight loss around her life!
2 stone 4lbs lighter!
Mel Semple, I'm a yoyo dieter
Mel Semple has spent her life being a yo yo dieter.

‘Since my 20’s I’ve been anything from a size 8 to a size 14,’ says 48-year-old mum of two Mel Semple, ‘I’d put on a stone and then lose it and so it went on but when I hit my 40’s I found it harder to shift the weight and I went up to a size 20 in clothes.’
5 stone 3lbs lighter!
Dawn Thomson, I didn't want to be fat at forty
With a significant birthday looming, Dawn Thomson decided she didn’t want to be fat at forty.

The busy working mum-of-two vowed to lose the extra weight she’d gained as a birthday present to herself.
2 stone 11lbs lighter!
Laura Ferguson, The best gift I've ever given myself
Some treat themselves to a new calendar come New Year, but for sensational slimmer Laura Ferguson she decided to give herself the ultimate gift, and lost over 5 stone as a result.
5 stone 2lbs lighter!
Louise Roxbrough, Haribo sweets were my downfall
As a mum of two young sons it’s not surprising sweets were Louise Roxbrough’s downfall.

‘When you’ve got two youngsters in the house it’s hard not to avoid sweets,’ says single mum Louise from Arbroath.

‘I’ve had to retrain my brain, and change my shopping habits, and I definitely think more about what I eat now. I try not to buy Haribo anymore and if the kids get given them I ration them
2 stone 1lb lighter!
Leanne Farquhar, I have got a confidence back that has been missing for a long time
‘When I was overweight I felt very self-conscious,’ says mum of 3 Leanne Farquhar, ‘I have always loved shopping for clothes but never enjoyed it when I had to pick up bigger sizes. It really got me down when I would look at myself in changing room mirrors and I didn’t like what I saw.’

Leanne has enjoyed an on and off relationship with Scottish Slimmers for 18 years, but it only takes one class for everything to suddenly fall into place. And that’s just what Leanne found when she walked through the doors of Gill Duncan’s class in August 2015.
3 stone lighter!
Karen Hickman, Happiness has sneakily crept into my life!
Looking back Karen Hickman realises she has spent most of her adult life feeling demotivated and unhappy as a result of her growing frame.

‘I am tall and I think that makes you self conscious when you are younger and I simply didn’t have any body confidence. I always felt uncomfortable at social events, I never felt as though I fit in,’
3 stone 2 ½ lbs lighter!
Clare Wallace, My worst 'fat' moment was on a fun, family outing to the fair
A family outing last year was the final straw for young mum Clare Wallace from Stirling.

‘My partner Colin, my stepdaughter Chloe and our baby girl Emma were all away for the day to the Links Market in Kirkcaldy,’ says Clare. ‘We were having a great time until I tried to go on one of the fairground rides – and the barrier was too tight. I was mortified, it was definitely my worst ‘fat’ moment ever.
3 stone 11lbs lighter!
Caroline Cane, My holiday pictures in Florida were the final straw!
A family holiday to Florida two years ago was the final straw for teacher Caroline Cane when it came to her weight.

‘When we got back and I looked at our family holiday pictures I was dismayed, I couldn’t believe it was me. I turned to my husband and said I look like one of these big, unhealthy, overweight Americans!’
3 stone 10lbs lighter!
Ian and Theresa Harper, We ate our way through the hard times – but not anymore!
Following a stressful illness and an engrained habit of comfort eating, Edinburgh couple Ian and Theresa Harper were hitting the scales at well over 30 stone between them.

‘We had a bad 2014 with Ian being unwell for a large part of that year and it became obvious that we are both ‘comfort eaters’ and basically we ate our way through the hard times!
7 stone lighter!
William Yuill, I can’t believe the extra weight I was carrying around!
Bricklayer Willie Yuill was struggling to carry a bag of sand on his shoulder at work the other day, it weighed 4 stones, and it made him realise that he had been carrying more than that around every day when he weighed over 22 stone!

‘It made me realise how well I’d done and gave me a huge boost,’ says Willie, who joined Scottish Slimmers in February 2015.
6 stone 1 1/2 lbs lighter!
Fiona Hamilton and Linda Howie, Sisters are slimming superstars! Studying for a PHD, looking after 2 children, teaching at the local school and losing weight over Christmas!! Linda Howie and Fiona Hamilton from Edinburgh are two sisters who don’t do anything in half measures and their combined weight loss of over 7 stone with Scottish Slimmers is proof.
7 stone 6lbs lighter!
Laura Mitchell, I wish I'd been this slim on my wedding day!
Mum of three Laura Mitchell was always quite happy about how she looked – until she saw her wedding pictures!

But today things are very different for blushing bride Laura, who finally got to try on her dream dress in the size she intended!
2 stone 12lbs lighter!
Jenna Wilson, I can rebuild my life now
When mum of one Jenna Wilson saw a picture of herself with her little boy Leo she was horrified at her size.

‘It’s one of these pictures I didn’t know was being taken, in fact my head is chopped off, it’s just my body and it still horrifies me when I see it. I really didn’t know I was that size,’ admits Jenna.
5 stone 10lbs lighter!
Christine Sweaton, Secret Eaters on TV shocked me into losing weight!
Mum of two Christine Sweaton was sitting looking at Secret Eaters on television when it hit her – if she didn’t watch out she would be like the people on the programme.

‘Every night I sat at home and ate my way through big bags of chocolate,’ says Christine, ‘but it was only after an ectopic pregnancy in December 2013 that I realised that my weight was affecting my health too.
5 stone 3½lbs lighter!
Elaine Jamieson, Teacher Elaine is top of the class after losing over 8 stone!
Teacher Elaine Jamieson is most definitely top of the class after losing over 8 stone with Scottish Slimmers.

But 40-year-old Elaine still can’t quite believe it!

‘I don’t think I’d recognise my body if you chopped my head off! I’ve no perception of what I look like now and I think it will take a while for my head to catch up with my body, to realise that I am actually slim,’ admits Elaine from Glasgow.
8 stone 7lbs lighter!
Stephanie Innes, I lost weight for my wedding
When Stephanie Innes fell pregnant in 2009 she was a size 12.

‘I think I enjoyed my pregnancy a little too much and didn’t realise how big I became. Then when Ross was born in June 2010 I found it really hard to shift the weight,’ says Stephanie.
4 stone 1lbs lighter!
Lorraine Raybould, I wear my high heels now - my ankles wouldn't have supported my weight before!
Lorraine Raybould admits everything has changed about her - her dress sense has changed, new styles, new shops, her exercise regime has changed and so have her eating habits.

‘Looking back I was extremely lazy and I hated people who talked about gyms and exercise. ……..now I go for a run every morning before work and it’s become part of my daily routine. I think it gives me a positive attitude before the day begins.’
4 stone 7lbs lighter!