Target weight is set at a level that is healthy and maintainable for you. It is important to think holistically of yourself, the long-term benefits, how you want to feel and how you want your clothes to fit in.

Reaching Target Weight is a great achievement! Once you get there, keep tracking your foods, making meal plans and interact in our online forum for support. We will guide you through the next stage of your journey.

Yes! The difference in our bodies as we lose weight is amazing. Taking photos allows you to see for yourself, the progress you are making and remind you of how you used to be.

This depends on how well you stick to the eating plans; how much you exercise and your motivation. A healthy and maintainable weight loss is around 2lbs per week.

Yes. It is important to become more active in day to day life. Exercising results in faster weight loss and improves heart health.

Eating Plans

One check is 25 calories

Scottish Slimmers app has 1000s of products with their check value. Otherwise, divide the calorie value of a food by 25 for 1 check.

Scottish Slimmers app is easy to use with a barcode scanner and recipe creation options.

Flexi Checks are like a little bag of goodies you carry around with you. If you are eating out or have a special event coming up, can use your Flexi Checks to have a guilt-free treat.

On attending class, the manager will go through the plans and choose one that fits your lifestyle. Both plans mean eating tasty, filling food that’s good for you.

Through counting, you can eat and drink anything you like providing it adds up to your check allowance. Plus, you have a weekly Flexi Check allowance.

The FeelGood plan is ideal if you want to have less counting and weighing of food. Choose healthy, filling foods from the FeelGood list. Anything that is not on the FeelGood will need to be counted. With the FeelGood Plan you’ll also get a weekly allowance of 80 (women) or 120 (men) Flexichecks.

Bonus foods contain essential vitamins and nutrients that should be eaten every day. These do not need to be counted providing you eat the recommended servings.

You cannot carry Checks over to the next day. Even if you haven’t used your daily Checks, start the next day with a fresh allowance.

Absolutely! Our plans are set out in a way that enable us to lead as normal a life as possible. We understand family life can get in the way and it is important to remember we are making lasting habits. This involves learning to eat things in moderation and enjoy the fun of eating.

We have a range of books available such as the No Check/ low check food book which can be used to cut down during the week. You can also use the App which allows you to count and track on the go.

Online & App

The app is designed for our Classic Checks plan although many members find the app useful. The bar code scanner is great for building shopping lists!

The Scottish Slimmers’ app can be an easy tool to calculate Flexi Checks used in a week and to identify the Check value of any food not included in FeelGood.

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